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United States Mint - Philadelphia

Congress enacted legislation in 1792 that authorized the newly formed United States of America to mint its own currency.

The Philadelphia Mint is known as the "mother mint" and for decades was the only U.S. Mint facility. For that reason, the coins minted there exhibited no "mint mark." In 1838 the New Orleans Mint was opened to serve the Southern States and began the tradition of branch mints putting their own unique "mint mark" on each of their coins.
The Philadelphia Mint
The original U.S. Mint was established in |1792 in Philadelphia and strikes coins 
with no mint mark.
West Point Mint - New York

The West Point Bullion Depository was erected in 1937 as a storage facility for Silver bullion and was nicknamed "The Fort Knox of Silver."  In 1988, the US government approved the most recent branch mint at West Point, N.Y. to assist in striking modern Gold and Silver issues with the "W" mint mark including various Commemoratives & Bullion Coins.
The West Point Mint
The US Mint at West Point, N.Y. was  opened to assist in striking modern Gold and Silver issues that bear a "W" mint mark.

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